Facebook no nos…

Soon, Facebook will take over the world.  “That’s surely already happened!” I hear you shout.  Well yeah…kinda…but with a few recent implementations they have probably put a lot of web designers out of business.  iframes have almost made websites redundant…so more and more clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will be using facebook exclusively.

To that end…lets talk about the good, and bad ways that these businesses use Twitter.  (The good and bad ways that people use facebook is a story for another day…don’t get me started…)  This isn’t an official analysis by the way, just personal opinion.

1.  Do post relatively often.

I say relatively because, you know, there’s a line.  A post every day, even a couple of times some days, is acceptable if what you’re posting is interesting and relevant.  Too much posting and you’ll lose those precious fans.  People don’t want to read the same thing over and over again, and if that same thing is just promo nonsense, then the chance are people will switch off in their droves.  If you don’t post at all…well that’s an obvious one.

2.  Do not use block capitals and excessive exclamation points.

I of course mean, do not use only block capitals.  E.g.  SUMMER MADNESS!!!!!!  ALL DRINKS €3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!!!!  THIS THURSDAY!!!!! PRIZES AND PROMOS ON THE NIGHT!!!!

I have so many problems with the above post.  First off, if you’re posting in only capitals I’m going to assume that you’re 12 years of age and I’m going to mostly ignore what you have to say.  The added exclamation points are extremely counter productive.  And finally…I really hate the line “Prizes and promos on the night”.  This means nothing.  If they had any prizes, you’d be damn sure they’d be telling you about them.

3.  Do not rehash the same info all the time.

I see this on a daily basis.  Clubs copy and paste what they posted yesterday, and the day before..just changing the band or DJ name.  Monday has landed!!!  Tuesday has landed!!! etc.  Be original.

4.  Do be original and treat your fans like human beings, not pound signs.

Interact with your fans.  I know the famous line from Glengarry Glenn Ross is “Always be Selling”, but that’s not always the case.  As well as promoting your bar or restaurant or whatever, don’t be afraid to talk to your fans about issues that are relevant in your area…sports events etc.  Don’t do this too much because people will probably get tired of you on your soap box…but they will get tired faster if all you do is try and sell to them.

5.  Give away free stuff!!

It’s hard enough to increase fans on a page so more often than not you may have to entice people with competitions.  Whatever reason you have for giving away vouchers or prizes, it’s a great policy and will assure your fans are happy and always awaiting your next update.

Now all that sounded like a tutorial for people setting up a new facebook page…and so be it!

I can’t bitch and moan in every blog now can I…




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