The Begininng

Not quite sure why it’s taken this long to start a blog. I’m sure I won’t have many readers, but sure it’ll get me writing on a daily basis and that can’t be a bad thing.

I’m going to start with a horrible cliché. Right now, I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’ve spent a lot of time working with bars and nightclubs in Waterford but that has become increasingly difficult in recent times due to the down turn. Urban Sprawl keeps a lot of people away from the city centre and those that do come in, do so on a barely monthly basis. As a result, clubs have found themselves in the middle of a price war with some clubs going as low as €2 for all their drinks. How they’re making money is anyone’s guess…we’ll get to that in a later blog though.

In the work that I do for Waterford Restaurant Espresso, I have found that people will come out if you help them out of their chairs. This may sound obvious…give them a reason to come into your bar – economics 1.01 eh? Well it is obvious of course, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t do it. I started a campaign called Special Wednesdays…a treat for people who were a bit down about the situation we all find ourselves in. The idea is that everyone tries to do something special for someone else, and we would do something special for them. We gave them a half price early bird menu. That’s a 3 course meal for 9.95. We made it exclusive for facebook fans and we sold out in an hour. We don’t make as much money, but marketing 1.01, the restaurant is full, the kudos is plenty, and the customers do return.

We learned a lot from Special Wednesdays and that’s if you put the thought into it and try and stand out from the crowd, then you will get noticed. The service and product quality has to be up to scratch, but that’s not my department as such. (I do have a lot of opinions about service etc…but maybe that’s a future blog too.)

So, this mentality of “helping people out of their chairs”, is the way forward in my opinion. Throwing up a poster on facebook aint gonna do it anymore.

Ok, gonna make this first blog a short one, just so I can check out the lay out etc. But I shall return…


About deisesupes

Creative Writer, part time journalist, part time Graphic Design enthusiast.
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