The Journey to a job

A full time, 9-5 that is.


It doesn’t suit everyone, and to be honest,I’m not really sure it suits me…unless I’m doing something I enjoy.  I’m going to document my search for a job…warts and all as it were.  The way I like it.

Recently I applied for a Marketing position with Paddy Power.  I’m going to outline my application to you and let you decide for yourself how I may struggle to get a job anywhere!!

First off, I have my own marketing company with several satisfied clients.  It’s not superb though, the money is not up to much and I’m the only one at my Christmas Party.  PLUS…every Thursday when I check my account to see if my wages have arrived…well…there’s nothing there.

Time for change?  You bet.  (excuse the Pun)

So, marketing company – 10 years experience – CHECK

Paddy Power is a betting company…hmm have you any experience with sports betting or anything like that?  Well…I write articles for Betfair every month (Can be viewed here)

I also own this website –

Knowledge of the industry?  CHECK

I also thought it might be an idea to design a little advertising campaign for them…you know…show them that I understood their company and how they operated, and also a little about what I could do.

I designed another one that’s on another computer at the moment so I can’t upload it.  It’s two women playing Handball but from the picture it’s not too easy to see what the sport is.  The caption reads  “We’re not too sure what sport this is…but we’ll take your bets on it”

Anyway, I thought I had some kind of hope…I dunno…maybe one in five?  To me anyway it was the job I was best equipped for.

Anyway…yesterday this mail popped into my inbox:

Dear Darren,

Thank you for your interest in the position Online Marketing Executive at Paddy Power.

Having reviewed your application in more detail, we regret to inform you that you have not been short listed to the next stage of the selection process.

If you see another suitable opportunity posted on we would encourage you to apply.


Now…there’s every chance that I shot to high or too wide with my application i.e. the job was beyond my pay grade.  Nevertheless, I wonder if they actually looked past the first page of my CV, i.e. the place where the lack of Marketing Degree is revealed.

Emailing them doesn’t really help because the emails seem to be dealt with by different people who are generally not sure what they are talking about.

A great company though and possibly the only one that would encourage me to leave Waterford.

The journey to a job for me involves me meeting and speaking to a lot of like minded people.  I enjoy that…everyone seems to be frustrated with the world and happy to talk about it.  Most are happy to do something about it as well but I think there are to many cliques about with all the power.  Power that they seem to be doing nothing with.

Anyway, to the one or two people that will read this…the blog is back.  Long live the blog.




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Creative Writer, part time journalist, part time Graphic Design enthusiast.
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