A scattered mess of opinions. Definitely not related to marketing.

Before I started to write this blog entry I contemplated setting up a new blog, somewhere where I could post as me…but also…not as me.

You see, the original idea behind this was going to be how technology has changed us, turned us into people that we probably don’t recognise most of the time.

And by technology, you know I mean the Internet.

Nowadays people of a certain age, that’s me included, do not actually know who they are. We remember, with deep fondness, a time when we did know who we were, and who our friends were. Now…well think about it yourself for a second. How many masks do you wear? Are you the same person with everyone? Are you a man for all seasons?

If you post anywhere on the internet anonymously then I’m sorry to tell you that the you that you thought you knew, is not really you at all. You have probably become more argumentative, judgemental, hypocritical and generally just not the same person that your mother and father raised.

Think for a second about those people on the internet that make dead baby jokes, or laugh at other people’s pain. You know that every one of those people, when the mask is torn from their face like a scene from Scooby Doo, suddenly realise that they hadn’t been living in a Matrix after all, but in the real world – with real repercussions. The line they generally use at first is “someone was pretending to be me”. That lie never works anymore because people are more protective of their passwords than they have ever been. No, they soon realise that they have to face up to the fact that they got too deep into the internet – with a different mask on each night – that they were no longer themselves. Somewhere along the way, they had become vile.

I believe that everybody should be accountable for what they say and do. I hate anonymity on the Internet. I absolutely despise it. People can say what they want about anyone and not have to suffer any consequences. Of course, what they’re really afraid of is someone turning around to them and saying something like “Sure what are you talking about, you got a twelve year old pregnant last year and took her to England for an abortion”. Well maybe not that exactly but you see my point. On the internet, you can spend an hour preparing a response to something with research from google and wikipedia. You can make yourself look infinitely more intelligent than you actually are. You are no longer just one man – you are a man with an army of knowledge behind you.

This blog is no longer going to be about marketing. The reason being…I fucking hate marketing. I believe I’m good at it, but only in the same way that any person with half a brain and a cup of common sense could be good at marketing. The reason I half heartedly stick with it is because I see SO MANY cases of bad marketing EVERY DAY that I feel that I have to somehow stay involved. Everytime a pub, club, shop or restaurant uses the word “MADNESS” I want to E-KILL them. I always end up stopping myself from replying to them on facebook with some kind of rant that would only succeed in making me look bitter, and silly. MONDAY MADNESS!!! I used to asked them what exactly would be mad about it. But then I gave up.

So what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the masks of the internet. I post on one internet forum http://www.boards.ie. It will be familiar to most of the 5-6 people that will end up reading this blog. People find it useful cause it’s always near the top in search engine results. I have grown to hate it. Here’s an analogy that most people won’t understand: A few years ago 5+ years ago, I used to have a bit of an issue with gambling. I used to envy people who didn’t go into bookies…I used to envy people who went for lunch, had a coffee during the day…or a pint. Gamblers don’t really do that. They’re in the bookies, or they have no money. I feel similar about Boards. There are people who are not members of boards.ie, they’re not really part of any internet “club” or “society”, and Christ knows they’re not “moderators” either. I want to be more like these people. These are the people who still know who they are. They’re not afraid to admit that they don’t know what caused the banking crisis. They’re not afraid to admit that they don’t read books. Who cares if you don’t know about politics and thieves. Who cares if you don’t read books. Who has made up the rules? Who has decided what we should be or shouldn’t be doing in order to be “cool”, “acceptable”, “intelligent”. That’s right – television. But I’m not going to get into that right now.

I have over 500 friends on facebook. I think I genuinely know all of them. I’m not sure all of them would say hello to me if they passed me on the street, and I know for a fact that at least some of them actually hate my guts. I’m not really sure why they follow me, but howisever. (howisever is probably not a word. No wonder I’m hated). I hate facebook. I can’t leave it because I control a couple of pages on it (old places in waterford, The Cork Road, a couple of restaurant and bar pages). I’ll tell you why I hate Facebook with another analogy.

Look at this window.


This is a window in Geoffs Pub in Waterford. Oh and that’s Timmy Ryan looking every so nonchalant there. He’s one of the good guys. Doesn’t know whether he believes in God or not…but does believe in something. Anyway, that’s a blog for another day.

In this window, people become Judgemental assholes. They walk into geoffs normal, decent and kind people. If they find another seat in the bar the only possible change to their personas is that they may become a bit pretentious. But, if they sit into this window, then they undergo an almost impossible change. They watch people pass the window, and they bitch.

“Christ who dressed her this morning”

“God forgive me but that’s one ugly baby”

“See her?! SEE HER! BY GINOS!! She’s cheating on her husband with your man from the other place there”

So here’s my point: Facebook to me is the world outside of that window. And I hate it for turning me into a nasty judgemental prick. Someone posts something and my first instinct is nearly always to say “WHO GIVES A SHIT”…or if you’re the type of person who posts a message to your boyfriend or girlfriend, when they’re sitting beside you at the time, then you can rest assured that I’ve cursed you at one point or another. Anyway, I’m sorry to you all dear facebook friends….if I accepted you in the first place it means I must like you in some capacity in real life, otherwards I wouldn’t have added you. Right?

I’m going to close my Boards account soon, and find some way to close the facebook one too. And then try and get on with my life. My Real Life.

Thanks for reading, and apologies dor the sub par quality of writing. Please leave a comment to show that I’m not alone in the world.


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