The one about religion.

Back in the 90s I had two articles printed in the Waterford Today.  No disrespect to me, and no disrespect to the paper, but if you sent them your shopping list by mistake, they’d probably print it.  Regardless, the articles were about Religion.   One was asking whether or not priests should be allowed to marry and the other is simply looking at the evidence of whether there is a God or not.  If you were to track down these articles now, and put them up on Ebay, my guess is that you probably wouldn’t sell them.

When I was 20 I wrote a book about a Christian Brother on the run with a young boy that he didn’t actually abuse.  Now, why on earth was I writing so much about religion at such a young age?  The answer is, I find it a little bit fascinating.

I think about people who have dedicated their lives to Religion, nuns, priests, christian brothers, rabi’s, monks etc.  Most of these people do not know what it’s like to fall into bed pissed with someone and have the kinkiest, dirtiest, most foul – hand myself into the guards – type of sex.  They haven’t (I said most) because they believe that God wouldn’t like that.

I do not believe in a God.  There, let’s get that out of the way.  I was raised as a catholic, went to mass every Sunday, had a sunday dinner and watched Bullseye.  The point there is that all mass is, is something that people do every Sunday without even thinking.  The people who are in there, kneeling one minute and standing the next, are doing so because…well…that’s just the way it is.

There is no individual thinking in Catholicism.  People are told what to do and what to believe.  Seemingly intelligent people park on double yellow lines outside ferrybank church on a Sunday morning and pray to a god in all sorts of gibberish catholic nonsense, that was written by a man, not by a God.  There isn’t one shred of evidence that we were all put here by a god, so why do we continue to believe it?  The answer is actually quite simple, and is also 3 pronged.

Prong 1 – Fear.  If there is no God, then there is no heaven and we all just go to the ground and that’s the end of that.  The majority of people just cannot being to comprehend such an eventuality so they choose to not think about it too much.  Go to mass.  Say your prayers.  Go to Heaven.

Prong 2 – This is how they were brought up.  From a young age I knew that confession was a load of bollox.  How could a smelly old man, listening to my sins (i cursed, I kicked my brother), tell me I was forgiven.  Who gave him such divine dexterity?  I also called shenanigans on not eating meat on certain days at a young age.  I was young, yet wise enough to know that if it used to be every Friday, and now it was just every ash wednesday and good friday, then someone was just making up shit as they went along.  So, from about the age of 14 I decided that any shit that was written or invented by men (usually catholic men) then I was having none of it.

Prong 3 – They firmly believe that there is a God.  They will not here any words to the contrary.  I enjoy a good religious debate.  If I find someone who believes in God I will ask him to tell me the reasons why there is a God.  If he replies with “there just is”, I will walk away.  If  he breaks into a monologue about the beautiful trees, and the calm blue oceans, I will walk away.  I want to hear facts.  I want to hear someone say to  me that “the Sun and the moon are the exact perfect distances away from the earth in order to sustain life – if they were any further away we’d freeze, and any closer, we’d melt” (primarily we’re talking about the sun here obviously).  I want the person to tell me that “This isn’t just a coincidence”.  And he’d be right you know, and he’d prove to me that before he chose to believe in God, he actually did some research and made up his own mind.  He didn’t do it because “that’s just the way it is”.

The biggest argument at all about the non existence of God is that if he is up there, and he is this great being, then why do bad things happen to good people  (And the lesser heard “why do good things happen to bad peaople”).  It’s an excellent point.  I personally believe that if there was a God, he would have stepped up some time ago (maybe every 100 years) and made a little speech.  He would tell us all that we have our own free will down on this planet and what we do to it, and to each other, is our own business, but it can and will be used against us in the Heavenly Court.

But no.  The God that so many Christians believe in, has chosen to say, and do, nothing.  I see millionaire golfers, millionaire singers, movie stars, and millionaire politicians, thank the lord for everything they have done.  This is damn frustrating.  If God is responsible for you being a superb actor or sports star, then he is also responsible for giving little timmy no legs, or little lucy no heart.  Millions for some, misery for others.  NO.  That’s not the work of a god, that’s the work of an unjust society.

If there is a God, then I don’t like him.  So I’m happy enough to believe that believing in a God is as silly as believing in Santa, and what we should be doing is just believing in each other.  Find happiness where we can and drown ourselves in it.


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3 Responses to The one about religion.

  1. Bryan Stott says:

    Didn’t know you had a blog, enjoyed the read, keep it up 🙂

  2. I tried posting this on FB but it wouldn’t go through.

    I’ve had my battles and I continue to do so. The main one for me is that humans have been around for 80,000 – 250,000 years. During which time most people died from their teeth or in child birth. The ones that lived only did so until their 20s, or thereabouts. All the while heaven looked on with indifference, and decided 2000 years ago to intervene. I have issues with that rationale. For people who think the universe had a creator, well Andromeda is on a collision course with us – some design. Also darkness is heading right for us. Soon there will be no stars in the sky because the universe continues to expand (and speed up while doing so). If we wait around long enough it will appear that nothing is out there. Again, some design.

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