A visual journey into the past.

This is me coming face to face with my obsession with nostalgia.  Hopefully by the end of this journey I’ll have a clearer idea of why I’m just a little bit obsessed with the past.


This is me on my 6th Birthday.  A proper little Leo aren’t I?

I know a lot of these pictures won’t mean much to most of you because you won’t know the main protagonists, but I’m hoping that elements of the photos, maybe something in the background, or the fashion sense (or lack of) will resonate with you.  Personally I think I look fantastic there.  Yellow pack of Red and White lemonade – how legendary is that.  Rice Krispie cakes….yellow pack crisps…tayto.  Even know I remember what was kept in all of those presses in the background.  Today, when I return home for a visit, I haven’t a clue where anything is.


This one isn’t too old actually (I’ll let you guess the year)…but what staggers me about it is that on the wall there’s a banner for a 21st Birthday.  Does anyone in this picture look like they’re attending a 21st birthday?!  For the record, the only man posing for the picture, a fellow attention seeking Leo like myself, is, unsurprisingly, my father.


What a mammy and daddy i had.  Another Birthday party.  Note the retro bag of wheelies and the horrible curtains?  Tag who ya want by the way…let’s try and embarrass as many people as possible.  Oh wait…this isn’t facebook.  Oops.


I bet most of you know at least one person in this photo.  Scarleh for em.

What’s that?  You want more pictures from that party?  Ok…




And here we have the best mammy in the world.  I like this picture of us actually.  Kinda looks like I’ve done something that has embarrassed her.  And that kinda sums us up nicely haha.



And I love the fashion in this picture.  My brother Leonard looks particularly spiffing.  While I look like I’ve been knocked out of the preliminary heats of Wimbledon.


And below, we have a meeting of the provisional IRA in the 1970s.  Either that or it’s a night out after a football match.  You decide.


That’s it for now.  Maybe a part 2 some time in the future.

I think it’s kind of a good thing that photos from those days are a little bit of a rarity…makes the whole era seem more appealing.  The 2000s+ have been over exposed.



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1 Response to A visual journey into the past.

  1. Rowena says:

    Photos from our youth are great! The ones from when I was 4-7 just crack me up!!! We dig deep into the back of our minds and feel happy just looking at the photographs and god do we go scarleh thinking about what we were wearing/doing/saying at the time 🙂 I was very lucky because my Dad loved taking photos of us when we were young. Good aul Dad! Speaking of fathers: your aul fella could never disown ya. You look so much like him!

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