I said in the last blog that I was going to do one on sweets next time around, so here I am, as good as my word.

See these:

 and these:

And these:

And actually…these:

I didn’t like any of them.  Whenever I hear people talk about sweets from “back in the day”, these sweets always get a mention.  I don’t think I like the hardness of them…i think I felt that my teeth could go with them while I was chewing.  Even though I was sometimes partial to sucking on a desperate dan bar til the top of the bar resembled two sharp fangs, chew bars were never normally my thing.

Remember when the Euro came in and we were told that £1 was equal to €1.27?  At what point did they decide to scrap that and not tell anybody?  10p bars that should now be at the most, 15cent, are now 30 and 40 cent.  There are no such things as penny jellies anymore, everything is 5 and 10 cent.  Did they think we just wouldn’t notice?  We are being steadily and fiercely ripped off when we go want to spend our pocket money…

Anyway, if I had one of these going to the shop:

I would get a packet of Fives, which were a pack of crisps for 5p.

Crisps.  For 5p.

Hope you’re enjoying all these lovely images.

Yes, crisps for 5p.  Then I would get one of these:

They were 5p too.  This left me with 10p and we all know that I had a lot of options from here.  You see this is something you don’t see in shops anymore:

We could piss shopkeepers off for hours trying to spend twenty pence.

But, to quickly answer the question as to what bars and stuff I liked as a kid – here’s a checklist:

Eat a yolks.  They were habitually 5p.  Probably about a euro now.

Catch bars, he-man bars, mint crisps, (I did not like chomp or smiley bars…again to do with the teeth thing…just never liked the feel of hard caramel.  Don’t like curley wurlies for the same reason.  I’m a softie when it comes to sweets.  If you’re one of these idiots that leave the strawberry ones at the bottom of the tin in the roses and quality street, then we need to talk…and set up some kind of exchange program) taxi bar, 5-4-3-2-1 bar, winner bar, sherbet fountain (did anyone actually eat the liquorice pipe bit?  Like the nut at the top of a walnut whip i’m sure it was discarded into a ditch), I didn’t like drumsticks or tangy bars.

Crisps were nicer back in the day…they were more flavoursome…a packet of salt and vinegar discos or mini chips would almost have you in tears they were that salty.  You might find a big ball of flavour in a bag of chicken chomps and you’d have a little ten year old orgasm.

For drinks…well there were super cans in those days.  They were simply magnificent.  We couldn’t afford them though.  So we’d get a 25p bottle of score.  Or maybe a 35p bottle of virgin cola, which always done well in the coke taste test.  At home, every house, and I mean every house had a bottle of country spring orange and lemonade.  Cause that shit was about 1.50 for 12 litres.

Ice creams were so much different in the 80s and 90s too:

The “premium” ice cream was the feast and the cornetto.  These were the days before the likes of Mars polluted the marketplace with their ice cream versions of bars, thus jamming up the price of everything and ruining ice creams for kids every where.  Look at all the ice creams up there, and pick one.  Just one that you would like to have now…









Fat Frog right?  They were class.

I’m going to leave it at that now.  Feel free to carry on the rest of the conversation yourselves…

And don’t forget to pick up the news and star every tuesday for my #viewfromtheblue column.

Back to the hard hitting issues in the next installment…7



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