Are you angry yet?

I wrote a column for next week’s paper…well it was nothing short of a rant. There comes a time when you wake up, even if its momentarily, from an oblivion. This oblivion is the place that Irish politicians, judges, bankers etc, want us to remain. Every now and again we emerge from the oblivion, up in arms about something or another, and then return, allowing whatever we were outraged about to carry on about its dirty business.

This week a Waterford councillor went on the radio to defend himself against criminal charges relating to his expenses…to assure the public that he was a victim in all of this…€300 is all it was lads…sure look what the big boys are doing. I looked on Facebook and saw that he was getting support on the WLR Facebook and plenty other pages too. What a load of bullshit. He tried to pull one over on the council and the people of Waterford. He wanted to make a quick buck, and he was caught, simple as that.  The most staggering thing that emerged from the interview with Billy McCarthy was the moment when Dick Roche said that no receipts were ever requested for his expenses. He could write down whatever he wanted, and it would be paid. Apparently this was the norm City Council these days. “Ah sure I went to a conference…cost me €100 in diesel..had some dinner, stayed in a hotel…few drinks…€800 should cover it.”  No problem Councillor…here you go.

Of course I made that up, but who’s to say it isn’t exactly what was going on? If they weren’t asked to produce receipts for all their expenses, then God knows what else was going on.

Here’s another one…and something I have a grand old rant about in my column this week…

In 2012, 272 people went to jail for non payment of their TV licence. 272 people. In 2013, it’s going to be an even bigger amount (figures not released yet). Just think about that for a second.

In England, the BBC get the licence money, but they have the good grace to not take any further income from advertisements.  The RTE, which shows a huge amount of intolerable shite, charges us €160 a year, and also show adverts, and releases an RTE Guide to earn more money…oh and every second programme has a sponsor..which generates more money.

So, don’t pay this licence, and you’ll go to jail.

Two days ago in Waterford, a woman  was charged with getting into her car, mowing down a guard, and then driving off.

Her punishment? Community service. It’s a good job she had paid her TV licence, otherwards she might have been facing jail.

Last August, a young girl was awoken from her slumber by a knock on the door – it was a Guard, there to tell her that someone had tried to break into her car…a 1996 Nissan Micra. They failed in their burglary attempt (the security system on the 96 micra must have been too complex) so they set fire to the car instead.

This poor girl had saved up money to buy this car, then some scumbag decided he’d just set it on fire. Terrible isn’t it?  You haven’t heard the worst of it.

A week later, this young victim gets a letter from Waterford City Council, with a bill for €900 for the Fire Services that night. €450 per hour. (Two hours to put out a fire on a 1996 nissan Micra – I’m not a fireman so I’m not sure if that’s a long time or not.)

Someone burns down her car…and she must pay the damages.


We have a company called Irish Water.

Think about that name for a second…IRISH WATER…it’s a very clever name isn’t it? I wonder how long it took them to think it up.

They paid €4million for “Branding”.  BRANDING. IRISH FUCKING WATER. A group of Transition years could have branded them for free.

I’m going to brand them as thieves for now.

Apparently the total cost of setting up this company is €180 million, including 85 million for consultancy fees.

They have requested that the Irish Public recuperate this money. And they have said that if this request is not granted, they will expect the Government to pay. You know what that means don’t you?  We’ll be paying.

I have to buy a new shower cause the hard water in my area is ruining all my pipes and appliances. I have to pay Irish Water for the privilege of ruining my house. Thanks lads.

Oh…and my favourite part…this company, which really hasn’t even started work yet…have already announced their bonuses for their directors.

Are you angry yet?

Apologies for spelling errors, I won’t be re-reading this…just hitting publish.

Also, it goes without saying that all the above words are from my own head, my own opinions – nothing to do with my employer.  If anyone reads the above and decides that they want to sue me, please do…I could do with something else to write about.


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2 Responses to Are you angry yet?

  1. CLARE SCOTT says:

    I am so with you on all this Darren. Its appalling, maybe we dont think about it because it so appalling. Another thing that has crossed my mind as I have contemplated all of the above and other things(like a 79 year old being jailed for protesting government action-when did we stop being a democracy?)is that people are literally dying because of the actions of those in power. People are taking their lives because they can no longer see how to live them,they can no longer pay their way and thats not taking into account the thousands of others who struggle on in misery. And those who spend our money like water(or on water) are not only taking money that could be spent well they are rubbing in the faces of those in pain. Then there are those who risk to make money to survive, especially the fishermen out on our waters around this Island who go out in worse and worse weather with perhaps dated equipment to try and make things meet….oh look youve got me going too :)…anyway its great to see someone getting it out there. More of us need to do this, more of us need to be outraged.

  2. Veronica Dawber says:

    I live in UK , Darren..but have.a House in Co Waterford . Me and my family use it for holidays etc,
    What’s the situation on the new water rates in my case .,..any idea ?

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