A medium belief

DO you believe in an afterlife? I’m not asking a question for the sake of it here…I genuinely want to hear your answers. I have written about religion many times before and I think people know which side of the fence I’m standing on there. However, spirituality and matters of angels and the afterlife, I really can’t be so sure on.

A close relative of mine has visited mediums on more than one occasion and each time has had to listen to my usual levels of cynicism. “They’re looking you up on Facebook,” I tell them. “They’re doing a ton of research and filling the gaps with educated guesswork.” This has always been my staunch belief because I like to think of myself as being relatively intelligent and intelligent people surely don’t believe in the afterlife and people with super powers.

Thankfully, people take what I say with a pinch of salt and go to mediums and the like anyway. On a recent visit to a medium – who wasn’t from Waterford – a deceased relative came forward and wanted to ask about the person who was ‘doing all the writing in the paper.’ This was the start of, what can only be described as a startling amount of accuracies. I’m not saying that I suddenly believe in mediums, but I’m more than happy to state, publicly, that there is way too much things about this world – and beyond – that I…and nobody can know.

This medium spoke of someone being there to meet a loved one that had passed away. Can you imagine how comforting this would be to someone who had lost someone they cherished? The fragile people of this world need something to hold on to…something to give them hope and ultimately make them less fearful of what is waiting, or not waiting for them on the other side.

This relative of mine was told that someone had been trying to contact them. She was told that this person had been banging doors trying reach out to them. “That’s funny…” my relative said. “Because last week I heard a bang downstairs and I ran down to see what it was and there was nothing there.” I’m curious as to whether other people have stories like this.

I can say that I don’t believe in God and the reason I can say that so easily is because if there is a God, I can’t fathom why He would allow so much horrific things to happen to his “children”. That’s my staunch belief and it has more to do with how religion has portrayed ‘God’ than anything else. We won’t get into that though…that’s not the purpose of this column.

When I was younger, I remember reading a book about angels. It was broken down into about 20 stories about different people’s experiences with, what they described as guardian angels. I’ll never forget how I felt after reading it. I was 100% convinced that angels were real. All of these people were so convincing and so sure that they had been touched by an angel. I was overcome with a feeling of…I dunno…can I say ‘pleasantness’? Stories of tragedies and bright lights and miraculous saviours. It was truly inspirational. Of course, within a few months of reading the book my cynicism took over and I was probably scoffing at angelic notions once again. The fact is, I still struggle to with how fax machines and telephones work so really, the amount of things that I don’t know outweigh the things that do.

There are a lot of mediums about…are they all con artists? Maybe some of them believe that they truly can contact the dead, even when they can’t. And maybe…just maybe, there are those who do have a direct line to the deceased. I became fascinated with the image of dead people, or the souls of dead people, lining up to talk to their loved ones. When we think of our lost relatives we are inclined to think of them as how they were when they died. The reality, if there is such a thing, is that we can’t even begin to speculate as to what form they take – if any – when they die. Think about it…all we have to go on is what Hollywood tells us about heaven and angels and what not. Just like the cavemen couldn’t have contemplated the microwave oven, there are so much that we have yet to learn about our existence.

This is a weird column isn’t it? I do really want to know your opinions though…and not only that…I want to hear of any experiences you may have had…not only with a medium, but maybe with an angel or something that made you stop in your tracks. Other people talk about dreams that they have had, which have comforted them after loved ones have passed. Can the deceased contact us through our subconscious? That’s the thing…I haven’t the foggiest!

My mother went to a medium many years ago and they told her that her youngest son was going to go places. That’s all well and good…but they then said that they see ‘WLR’ in my future, as well as a girl called Sarah. I’m still not sure what to make of that.

My mother and I have since agreed on a code word, which I won’t reveal here…but let’s say, for the sake of illustration, that it’s ‘Pancakes’. We’ve agreed that whoever goes first, the other will go to a medium and see what they have to say. Can you imagine it? “Someone is stepping forward,” the medium says. “It’s your son…and I don’t know why…but he’s talking about pancakes?”

Wouldn’t that be absolutely amazing? My mother would have an amazing spring in her step for the rest of their life because they would know that I went to a better place and I was waiting for her.

This is what we all want, and I want to hear your stories, whether you are a believer or not.


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